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Covid-19: What Others Are Doing

Covid-19 is having a major impact on organisations of all sizes.

The likelihood is that the change agenda will be significantly impacted during and post Covid-19.

Given we work across many sectors we are often asked by clients and individuals alike what others are doing. Broadly we can group organisations into 3 different focus categories:

  1. Ensuring financial and operational resilience.
  2. Preparing to accelerate when they get out of the pandemic.
  3. Starting to re-imagine what the ’new world order' would look like.

In order to help others we have created a simple survey that will allow you to assess how your organisation is responding against common factors being considered as well as seeing what others are doing. All data is anonymised and not attributed to a person or organisations.

Whats required

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  • If you would like to receive regular insights on how other organisation's response to Covid-19 is changing, have the opportunity to complete the survey again to track/compare your results and receive a download of your results, then please provide your email address here.
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